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It is the purpose of the Adult and Continuing Education Department to provide the adult student a liberal arts, undergraduate foundation with a basic understanding of the facts, principles, approaches and methods in psychology.

Human understanding and service constitute great needs among people today and as a result, psychology graduates are entering a variety of occupations in business, government, teaching, and private human-services agencies. The bachelor’s degree in psychology is a flexible and versatile way to prepare for a career in human services and diverse lines of work.

Students who complete the requirements for the B.S. in General Psychology will be proficient in following student learning outcomes:


  1. Utilize the concepts and theories of the discipline to explain psychological phenomena
  2. Distinguish between the major perspectives of psychology (e.g. behavioral, biological, social, etc.) and identify types, causes, and treatment methods of abnormal behavior
  3. Apply psychological concepts, theories, and research findings to everyday life and use these principles to explain personal and social issues
  4. Apply the scientific method to problem solving with a demonstration of skills in qualitative and/or quantitative research, APA writing format, and knowledge of various research designs in psychology
  5. Demonstrate awareness of and commitment to ethical behavior and apply spiritual principles to psychological concepts and issues

Career Opportunities in Psychology
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Major Requirements

  • Psychology of Religion
  • Seminar in Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Statistical Methods
  • Theories of Personality
  • Abnormal Behavior
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Group Dynamics
  • Marriage and the Family
  • Biological Psychology
  • History and Systems of Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • History and Systems of Psychology
  • Principles of Research
  • Counseling Theories
  • Experimental Psychology and PY 460L Experimental Psy. Lab