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Church leadership

The purpose of the B.S. in Church Leadership degree is to provide quality theological education for individuals who are 25 years old or over, who have a keen sense of God’s calling on their lives but are unable to attend regular classes due to family and work commitments. Students complet- ing this degree can integrate Christ-centered biblical, theological, and evangelistic knowledge, with various leadership or service oriented roles in their local church, their professional lives, or as volunteers in the community. Some students may wish to complete the Certificate in Church Leadership first, which can then be transferred later to the Church Leadership degree.

Students who complete the requirements for the B.S. in Church Leadership will be proficient in following student learning outcomes:


  1. Apply theories of leadership within organizational and church contexts
  2. Apply principles of communication to leadership dynamics
  3. Recognize non-ethical practices in business and organization
  4. Develop skills in various practices of Christian Ministry
  5. Identify unique characteristics of major world religions
  6. Explain various theological events and perspectives, including SDA beliefs
  7. Apply hermeneutical methods for Christ-centered Bible study
  8. Identify historical, theological, and Christ-centered principles of church polity
  9. Construct various forms of sermon manuscripts
  10. Develop a basic plan for personal and public evangelism

Career Opportunities in management

Social and Community Service Managers
Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers
Emergency Management Directors

Major Requirements

  • Foundational Theories of Leadership Principles
  • Communication Strategies in Leadership
  • Applied Leadership in Organizational Change
  • History of the SDA Church
  • New Testament
  • Hebrew Bible
  • Greek I
  • Hebrew I
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Biblical Preaching I
  • Christian Ministry I
  • Church Organization and Polity
  • Public Evangelism and Church Growth
  • Christian Ministry II
  • Biblical Hermeneutics
  • World Religions
  • Christian Theology